About Us


Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Ph.D. is an award-winning educator who empowers and equips students to become effective leaders in their communities.

Tara has worked in higher education for 14 years as a director of multicultural affairs, an academic advisor, faculty, and an administrator. Her development of innovative interdisciplinary service-learning programs and community-based mentoring has helped thousands of recent graduates navigate college in the new millennium.     She is author of numerous articles and book chapters.


Seneca Vaught, Ph. D. is an award-winning educator who helps students, parents and organizations creatively apply passion for life-long learning and social justice in a fast-changing economy.

His research explores how to apply interdisciplinary research to multi-faceted social problems and brings ten years experience in higher education as faculty at a variety of large, small, public and private institutions. For much of that time he has devised interdisciplinary strategies of advising and mentoring underrepresented populations and millennials on the role of college education in an era of globalization.   He is author of numerous articles and book chapters on teaching and community engagement.

Our forthcoming book centering on the role of an economic mindset towards education is targeted at students, parents, and educators seeking an interactive evidence-based approach on how to effectively utilize college resources and experiences as holistic investment towards intellectual and professional development.



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