The Workshop

Our award-winning Journal of College Admission article, “Why College as an Investment is a Lousy Analogy: Reframing the Discussion in a Market-Obsessed Society,” raises some essential questions about core assumptions advocates of college as an investment make. Instead of exploring the amount of money students should or should not spend on a college education, we explore the shortcomings of thinking and discussing the benefits of a college education as a return on investment (ROI). These intangible benefits such as exposure to new modes of thought, access to formal and informal networks, exposure to edited and curated databases of knowledge, and interpersonal and intraprofessional competencies are essential for the success all students and especially underrepresented students.

We offer speaking engagements, a variety of workshops, and seminars to help navigate the financial and social costs of college for parents, students, community organizations, higher education institutions, and corporations.

All workshops are designed to motivate, empower and provide the necessary tools for college success and the application of creative thinking in a global knowledge economy. We have a several levels of workshops that prepare students for college success using a holistic approach and a series of exercises to help students thrive intellectually, socially, and economically for years to come.

  1. The College Bootcamp Level I (1 Day) – $2599 per 15 participants
  2. The College Bootcamp Level II (2 Days) – $4999 per 15 participants
  3. The College Bootcamp Level III (3 Days) – $7399 per 15 participants

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